Apples and Pears - our years one and two class

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This is where you can find out information on your child's learning and the topics we have been exploring in class.

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Wet, wet, wet!

In maths, we have been learning about measurement. First, we looked at length and how we measure how long or tall something is. We were outside measuring the climbing frames with metre sticks and even measured how tall we were! After that, we did some capacity. Let's just say we got a little bit wet! After our partner told us to put a certain amount of water into our measuring cylinder (and obviously measuring it accurately in ml!) we cooled ourselves down in the hot sun by splashing each other! We learnt so much!


What a fantastic day we had! We visited Barleylands, an educational farm in Essex, and had a wonderful day! In the morning, we did a workshop called, 'Kitchen Science', where we made cornflour slime. It was so strange! When we squeezed it, it was hard. When we opened and relaxed our hands, it quickly transformed into a gooey slime! Awesome! We also made a lava lamp using oil, water and food colouring. The oil sat on top of the water because it was lighter in weight. When we put a special tablet in the bottle, bubbles started to appear and floated up the bottle. Lastly, we had fun with water and skittles and made our own rainbow!


Our value this half term is telling the truth and truthfulness. As a class, we watched the clip in Pinocchio where the little wooden boy's nose grows each time he tells a lie. We had a discussion about lying and whether it is ever ok to tell a lie. It was a tricky conversation where some of us believed that it is ok to tell a lie if it makes someone feel good, but some of us disagreed and think it is never ok to lie. What do you think?

Global Awareness Day!

We visited lots of different countries in school on Tuesday 13th June. We went to Brazil to make some carnival masks; to South Africa to do some djembe drumming; to India to Bhangra dance; tasted breads from all around the world; took part in some sporting events in the Mini-Olympics and became storytellers from Australia! What a fantastic day we had! Why don't you ask us what we enjoyed the most?

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