Apples and Pears - our years one and two class

Welcome to Apples and Pears' class page. 


Our teacher is Miss Barker and our teaching assistants are Mrs Glover and Miss Gibson.

We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been up to.

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On the first of December a present was left in the classroom. We opened it up and inside was an elf! We decided to name him Buddy. Every night he goes back to the North Pole to report to Santa how we have been in class that day. Therefore every morning he is in a new place. We have been learning to write recount of Buddy’s adventures.


In science we have been looking at different materials and using scientific skills.

We had a challenge to build a boat for the man to stay on. We had to make sure the material floated and that he didn’t fall off! Our next challenge we looked how blue tac sunk when it was in a ball. We then had to make it float by making it into a boat shape. We had to have lots of resilience and finally we got it to float!

We have also learnt that the word prediction means making a sensible guess. We predicted what would happen if we mixed together cornflower, water and food colouring. We found out that it makes a lot of mess and fun! Also that it is different depending if you squeeze it or not.


In English we have been reading a book called Lili by Wen Dee Tan. The story is about a young girl who hair is actually fire! As much as she can be helpful this makes it hard to make friends. The story is about how Lili uses her feisty hair to make friends. We have acted out being Lili and interviewed her to see how she feels throughout.

Can you tell the story using our story map below?

Its only the 2nd week of term and already we have learnt loads. We were very lucky to have Histon Produce come in for a fruit workshop. We loved it as we got to try lots of different fruits and some of us were brave and tried fruits we had never seen or heard of before. Mrs Glover did the lime challenge against Andrew and it was very funny to watch her face. At the end we made smooties by cyclering really fast – they were tasty too!


In English we are learning what labels are. We had fun labelling the parts of the body and Miss Barker even got involved too!


At the moment in maths we are learning all about the value of numbers. Look at some of the photos below to see what we have been up to.

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