Northaw C of E Primary School



See our Breakfast Club page for more information.

Art Club

Art club runs every lunch time except Friday with Sharon and Lyn. Come along and learn new creative skills. Art club is also after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3.05pm.

To join the club either speak to Sharon or come into the office for more information.

Acting Club

Join us for this fun club where we do filming, freeze frames, acting, singing and much more…

Acting Club runs every Friday at 3:05-4:05.

Code Club

Code club is run by Mrs Taylor who is our very own CEOP ambassador.
At Code Club, all the children have the opportunity to learn to code, no matter what their coding skills or ability. The children learn through coding projects in Scratch which vary from small animations to multi-level games and even a quiz or two!
The children learn how use HTML to build and style their own web pages!
We have also invested in Micro: Bits, which are pocket, sized codable computers which allow the children to be really creative in their coding. They have coded and made some wonderful creations including the “Rock, Paper Scissors” game and the very frustrating game “Frustration” where they guide a wand along a course without making contact.
Harry Potter’s wand also makes an appearance...

Gardening club

We have a fantastic gardening club which is run by volunteers made up of parents and grandparents. Veggies are sown, grown and harvested and the children learn all aspects of this process as well as the importance of looking after the plants and the garden. The children can choose to join in to the club which runs during lunch times, with no need to sign up. Show an interest and grab some wellies from the wheelbarrow and come join the planting!

Makaton at Northaw

Makaton are signs and symbols that are used to help people communicate. Makaton is

designed to be used with speech.

Over 100,00 adults and children use Makaton as a form of communication.

Mrs Stratton has a lunch time signing club in which children learn simple signs as well as songs and stories in Makaton. At Christmas, children in sign language club learned some Christmas carols in Makaton.

Below are some simple Makaton signs that you might want to practise.