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Please keep an eye on the blog page and read the entries below to learn about what has been happening in school. 

Mrs Whales

June 2017

This week we have been grateful for the sunshine and opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Children from Oak class represented our school at Mount Grace for an athletics tournament in which our boys achieved the relay record. Willow class enjoyed a fabulous day of tennis and games yesterday at Cuffley tennis club. Today Apples and Pears and Reception classes were down on the farm and had a brilliant day with the Barleylands staff commenting on how polite the Northaw children were.

On Tuesday, we took a flying trip around the world and visited South Africa, India, Australia and Brazil. Children enjoyed a mini Olympics competition and tasted bread from different countries. It was a wonderfully colourful and joyous day. Have you practised the bhangra dancing at home yet? We also enjoyed a very exciting assembly led by some mad scientists, who thrilled the children with their dry ice experiments as well as delivering some really important water saving messages on behalf of Affinity Water.

We are looking forward to our Summer Family Fun Day tomorrow. Come along with your families and have some fun. If you can help out it is not too late to volunteer; your children really like it when you are involved. We still have some events this term in which we need PTA volunteers. Please give us a few moments of your time and share out the PTA workload. Giving a little contributes a lot!

Finally and sadly, a little moan. In the interests of safety for our families, please do not park on the yellow lines, do three point turns within the yellow line area or drive speedily outside our school. Be mindful that many of our children are very little and quite unpredictable and we would like to keep our children as safe as possible. 

June 2017

We are sorry to inform you that Miss King will be leaving our school at the end of term to take up a new post using her newly acquired skills in the therapeutic arts. We are pleased, however, to welcome Mr Crayton Napoleon who is an experienced Upper KS2 teacher and already a great favourite with the children.

Despite torrents of rain and high winds, Oak class managed to enjoy some tennis tuition at Cuffley Tennis Club. Let’s hope that Willow class get better weather next week.
Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who took part in our maths day yesterday. Teaching and learning adviser, Rachel Rayner, applauded everyone’s enthusiasm. We are grateful for some very positive comments from attendees and we are already planning some bite sized events for next year.
We have plenty to look forward to next week. Global awareness day on Tuesday will focus on creative ways to celebrate different cultures from around the world. Come into the playground at the end of the day for treat! (Weather permitting!) Acorns class and Apples and Pears class will be visiting Barleylands Farm next Friday; they are looking forward to a variety of workshops.
We hope that you are all looking forward to our summer fair on Saturday 17th June. Volunteers before, during and after the event are required to make the day a success. Every half an hour you can spare will be appreciated. Pray for sunshine.
Finally, if you like our little school, perhaps you could nominate us for a community award. Entries close on 16th June. Details can be found at http://whtcommunityawards.co.uk/category/school-of-the-year/

May 2017

Oak class enjoyed a visit to Queenswood School on Tuesday and they behaved exceptionally well. Willow class went on a Roman adventure to Verulamium and their interest, behaviour and good manners were applauded by the staff there. I took a small group of children to RHS Wisley yesterday and they were diligent and delightful! How proud we are of our children.

We would like to say a big thank you to our Gardening Club ladies, Jackie and Carol, who inspired our children and helped them to display a marvellous creative garden. The garden, based on The Famous Five, will be judged today.

Willow class assembly was a fabulous journey through time culminating in a very special message for us all- to look after our planet! Parents, grandparents and visitors expressed their kind reflections through email. If you enjoyed the ‘show’ please email us and let us know.

The PTA will be sending children home with tubes of Smarties, which they may eat. Please keep the boxes and fill them with money, silver and £1 coins would add more to the fundraising pot if you can afford to be generous! Bring them back after half term.

REMINDER: If you want to know more about how we teach maths and particularly number in school, come in to school at 9.00am on Thursday 8th June to see the operations of number being taught in class, followed by a very informative question and answer session by our link maths adviser, Rachel Rayner. Please note the morning will finish a little later than first published at 11.00am.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a happy and sunny half term. 

May 2017

What an eventful week!

Firstly, our willow tree has had to endure a severe haircut. Fissures through the trunk, caused by lack of rain resulted in one limb falling dramatically to the ground and others having to be pollarded to make the tree safe. We have been assured that the tree will flourish again.

On Wednesday and Thursday the school accounts were scrutinised by a professional auditor; I am so grateful to Mrs McHattie who led us confidently through the experience of the financial audit. It was a very positive experience and outcome. The report will be with us after half term but we do not expect any surprises.

Yesterday, Jackie Roberts from the Salvation Army visited us. She wrote, ‘The children’s behaviour was a credit to them and the school. Please thank them for listening so well and for the thoughtful questions.’ We followed up the visit in worship this morning, when I discussed the importance of ‘hats’ with the children. These included hats to keep us safe, hats as part of a uniform and hats that identify a service.

Today David Morton, Director of Education for the Diocese, visited us and enjoyed a very lively performance of the creation by children in Apples and Pears and a tour of the school.

We would like to inform you that Miss Drake will be leaving us at the end the academic year. Whilst we are very sad that Miss Drake is moving on, we have been blessed with her innovative teaching and enthusiasm this year. We have been very fortunate to appoint Miss Barker as a permanent teacher from September 2017. Some of you will remember Miss Barker from last year and we are happy to welcome her back.

Finally, next week we say farewell to Mrs Biondini, who is moving on to a new and exciting role at Chase Farm and Royal Free hospitals. We would like to thank Mrs Biondini for her contribution to our school and wish her much happiness for the future. 

May 2017

Well done to our Year 6 children who survived their week of tests and well done Year 5 who survived a week of Mrs Whales! We are really proud of you all.

I have been really impressed with the quality of writing in classes across the school this week. Acorns children have been writing fairy tales, Apples and Pears children have been describing the life cycle of a hen and Willow children have been writing some fantastic poetry. We look forward to displaying some of these around school.

Today we enjoyed our celebration assembly in which we discussed the 6Rs and how we can use these values around school. Please share them and discuss them with your children; challenge them to use them around school and to gain valuable house points. 

May 2017

Mrs Cullingford and I were talking this week about wanting children to be the best that they can be! This sometimes requires a little more effort, the use of the 6Rs and wearing a smile. I hope that next week Year 6 can show us that they are the best that they can be; we can’t ask for more than that!

I have been fortunate enough to spend a day in another Church of England school this week. The children in the school were well-behaved, responsible and caring, much like our children in our little school. They were given a question to explore:

During a test in school, you see someone copying answers from the person sitting next to him. But the cheating person is kind of big and scary. You’re not sure you want to get him into trouble by telling. He might be unkind to you later. What would Jesus do?

Perhaps you could discuss this question with your children. 

April 2017

Busy, busy, busy! We have enjoyed a fabulous week of new topics and fantastic learning opportunities. Whilst we are busy practising for the forthcoming tests, we are still enjoying a rich and varied curriculum. I enjoyed watching the children in Oak class with Sharon Gale, our artist in residence; she was inspiring the children with ‘watercolour’ techniques. I enjoyed working with children in Year 5, who were researching the properties of 3D shapes. And Kylie has returned to Acorns class, hot foot from Australia! Share your child’s learning...ask them about their favourite bits!


April 2017

I hope that you enjoyed a restful Easter break.

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting term, hopefully with plenty of sunny days. The children have really enjoyed playing on the field this week.
We are pleased to welcome Mrs Mustafa from Chancellors School who will be teaching French in Key Stage 2. We are pleased to have such brilliant links with our local secondary schools and look forward to further liaisons in the future.
Our new curriculum map will be available on the website very soon. It gives you a broad outline of the areas of study for each class. It’s always lovely to receive extra little snippets of new learning that the children have found out at home.
Our Christian value for this term is ‘service’. The children have been learning how we should take pleasure in helping others and know that we are always trying our best... and with a smile!

March 2017

This week the children have enjoyed an RE week based on Holy Communion and Father Stefan was able to come into school on Wednesday for our Communion Service. Examples of children’s work will be stuck into a Big Book for you all to see. Also this week, the children enjoyed a ‘mad science’ assembly. Ask them about the experiments!

Having appreciated the warmth of the summer sunshine this week, we are looking forward to some sunny days next term. We know that it is a heavy ‘testing’ term but there many fun days to enjoy as well. Look out in the newsletter for the parent and carer events: the maths morning, the summer fair and a plethora of class assemblies. Apples and Pears have set the bar very high after their fabulous assembly this week, which focused on plants.

Northaw Primary is definitely a place when our Acorns grow into mighty Oaks!

Enjoy your Easter break! We will see you again on Wednesday 19th April-bright and early! 

March 2017

Last week I suggested that we all try to ‘give more’. I am overwhelmed by the generous support of our PTA, who this week gave their time to give our mummies more! I hope that you all enjoyed being spoilt on Thursday and that your family look after you on this Mothering Sunday.

I was really touched to receive a letter from Rose and Freya in Apples and Pears who gave a little more by saying a little less, last weekend. I am so proud of their achievements and their giving.

This week the children in Key Stage 2 enjoyed a fabulous Easter Workshop delivered by Matthew and his team from Life Church. The children learned about how Jesus felt at different times during Easter week at different stations set up around the hall- Palm Sunday, the Servant King, the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Resurrection.

Next Friday our Easter service will be in church at 8.45am. Each class will be showcasing a special aspect of learning that they have enjoyed this term and linking it to our Easter message. We do hope that you will be able to join us. 

March 2017

This week we have enjoyed the beautiful spring sunshine and as a result plenty of lovely playtimes. We continue to focus on the 6Rs and have spent time reflecting on not judging people by their appearance. Next week we will continue our theme of ‘giving back’ and focus on ‘giving more’. Can you give a little more of your time by listening to your children read? Can you give more thought to the friend or colleague who could do with a little help? This week we gave more to our Key Stage 2 children who enjoyed a fabulous art day with Jean Picton... go on, Google her! What a fabulous example of resilience; this lady gained her degree in art at the age of 70! There is hope for us all!

I have also enjoyed looking at all the entries for our World Book Day Competition. What creative and talented children we have here at Northaw School. 

March 2017

The children have enjoyed a marvellous creative week. There have been so many brilliant keyhole pictures that judging has been very difficult. We will announce the winners next week. Oak class have enjoyed creating fractured art with Mr Kourris who visited us from Mount Grace School and today, I watched the children in Apples and Pears create mathematical arrays out of lego bricks and paint. Some children managed calculations like 16x6 using fabulous pattern-making solutions.

School governors have been popping in all week to look at progress in maths across the school. Their observations will contribute to our school improvement planning for the next twelve months. It is important that the language of maths is consistent across the school. 

March 2017

During our Tuesday ‘Pancake Day’ assembly, we talked about Lent and recognised that some Christians try to give up luxuries for a period of 40 days-very difficult! We reminded the children that this was a good time to ‘give back for Lent’ and we talked about ways that they could help each other.

Perhaps this is also a time that we, as adults, can think about the way that we can help each other and to give back in the way of kind deeds and kind words. This reminds me of the goodness of our PTA, who this week discussed how they were going to give up their time to help the children in our school. Can you offer a little bit of your time too?

We are holding a World Book Day competition for children to complete over the weekend. Children will bring home a template of a key hole. They are to draw a picture as a clue to their favourite book BUT they mustn’t write the book’s title – we will have to guess which book they are describing from their pictures. Please make sure they put their name on the entry form though! Entries are due back on Tuesday morning please with prizes awarded to the most original ideas.

Red Nose Day is at the end of March. Your children may dress up as a superhero or a superstar or simply wear something red. I really like the idea of being Wonder Woman, but on reflection, I think that I will wear something red! Let’s give back to support children everywhere. 

February 2017

We are delighted to welcome back Ms Batts who is now fully fit and ready to take back the reins in Acorns Class. I am very thankful to the rest of the team for their excellent teaching in her absence.

Thank you to the families who attended the E-Safety Parents meeting on Wednesday. Mrs Taylor delivered a very informative presentation on how we can all keep children safer when using their electronic devices. Information will be put on the school website in due course and there are leaflets available at the office.

This year we have decided not to dress up for World Book Day, which is on 2nd March. Instead I will be running a competition for the children to enter. Details will be given out to children next Thursday.
There is still a chance to dress up on 24th March for Red Nose Mufti Day! This year our theme is ‘heroes and stars’, so children are invited to dress as their favourite superhero or sports or super star, or they can just wear something red. A minimum £1 donation per child on the day will be sent to the Red Nose Day Appeal.

Finally, may I politely remind you that cars should not be turning around in the school car parks at the beginning and end of school. Road safety should be a priority for all of us. Please also respect our neighbours’ driveways by not blocking them. 

February 2017

Your child’s report has been sent home today. This document reports not only on your child’s progress but also offers areas for improvement, which we hope that you will help us with over the remaining part of the year.

Well done to all of our cross country runners who enjoyed representing our school last Saturday in St Albans. Thank you not only to the runners but also the parents and Miss Gibson who cheered them on.

This week is safety week in school and the children have enjoyed a variety of lessons about how to keep safe online. Mrs Taylor has sent information out throughout the week; please talk to your children about what they have learnt. You have an opportunity to catch up with the children on Wednesday 22nd February at 6.30pm, when Mrs Taylor will be informing you of the dangers your children could face, ways to keep them safe and top tips on what’s new and what’s not. Please make every effort to come along as you will be surprised about what you don’t know!

Finally, I wish you a happy and healthy half term break. Let’s hope that those nasty viruses disappear and your children come back refreshed and ready to start the new half term. Please make sure that your children get to school on time and ready to learn. Those first few minutes at the start of the day are so important; they help children’s self-esteem and confidence in learning, they are moments of preparation and they are part of our collective responsibility. 

January 2017

I hope that you are well. Unfortunately Ms Batts is really poorly and she will not be back with us before half term. I am really grateful that Mrs Howell and Mrs Stratton- Stubbs, ably supported by Mrs Glover, have continued to give the children some wonderful, creative learning experiences in Ms Batts’ absence. I have every confidence that these ladies will continue to inspire your children until Ms Batts returns.

We enjoyed a visit from our Hertfordshire Improvement Partner yesterday, who was able to assess our safeguarding procedures as outstanding. She looked at teaching and learning across the school and confirmed that provision continues to be good. She was impressed with the Early Years environment and congratulated the staff and the children on their achievements.

Thank you to the families who have enabled their children to attend ‘booster’ and ‘intervention’ sessions. These have focused mainly on raising children’s confidence levels so that they are prepared for the next stage of their education.

We welcomed Pastor Matt and Helen from Potters Bar Life Church to worship on Wednesday. Matt talked to the children about his experiences in Brazil and Iraq and in keeping with our worship plan, told the children about the plight of refugees. We prayed for these people to have perseverance in difficult circumstances.

Finally, I would like to say well done and thank you to all of Willow class who enjoyed a wonderful singing session at Mid Herts Music Centre on Monday. Mrs Cullingford praised the children’s behaviour, which was exemplary, and their enthusiasm. I am so proud of you all. 

January 2017

I was fortunate this week to have the privilege of listening to your children sing. It was a beautiful rendition of Spirit of Peace. It talks about unlocking the door of hope which contradicts current world news items. I hope that our children grow up with the Christian values of tolerance and perseverance in making the world a better place.

We welcomed Reverend Stefan Chrysostomou from St Mary’s Church, Potters Bar to worship on Wednesday. He talked about the spiritual journey of St Paul. After Holy Communion, Reverend Stefan toured the school and said how wonderful and respectful the children were. 

January 2017

Our theme of ‘perseverance’ has been demonstrated in the classroom this week with some wonderful examples of children who have overcome challenges through hard work and by not giving up.

Underpinning this perseverance is confidence and courage. Realising that it’s not wrong to be wrong can empower learners to "try".

As educators, we have the privilege of seeing this on a daily basis yet the joy of witnessing it never dulls – possibly the most rewarding aspect of our profession.

Please continue to encourage your children to persevere at home even with simple tasks like tying their shoe laces, doing up buttons or even learning to ride a bike. Perseverance is needed throughout our lives and if we can learn it while we’re young it needn’t be an obstacle.

On Wednesday we were delighted to have a visit from Mr Croston, Head teacher at Chancellors School. It was so nice to show him around our beautiful school and introduce him to some of his future pupils!

January 2017

A happy new year to you all!

This graph shows the attendance figures for last term. Your children’s attendance has improved overall. I would like to thank all Reception, Year 4 and Year 6 children in particular, as their attendance is above the Ofsted requirements. It would be fabulous if all classes could achieve this measure this term!

Thank you also to parents and carers of Oak class who are managing the early mornings and late finishes for ‘booster’ classes. These ‘bespoke’ learning opportunities benefit all who attend. 

December 2016

We’ve enjoyed another fabulous week of performing, celebrating and rejoicing. Thank you to all of you who have attended, contributed and taken part in our fantastic Northaw festivities.

Many thanks for your WaterAid donations we will continue collecting cash in our flagon throughout next term so please keep giving .

Also, thank you for the many gifts and cards given to staff, your generosity is much appreciated.

As term draws to a close we hope that you will have a peaceful and restful Christmas break. We look forward to seeing you all revitalised and refreshed on Monday 9th Jan 2017. 

December 2016

I am so proud of the children who performed beautifully on Wednesday and today at the Christmas tree festival. I do hope that you all enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm as much as I did.

The school team worked extremely hard and produced a polished performance involving and coordinating almost 90 children from Years 1-6. We are now looking forward to our Early Years nativity next Friday. If you enjoy any of our school events or have suggestions for future events, please let us know by email.

Next week, the children will be continuing to learn about Christmas around the world as part of our RE week. If you have any gems of knowledge that you can share please let us know. 

December 2016

Our children have enjoyed making some fabulous Christmas decorations; many thanks to our PTA members for their marathon of events over the last couple of weeks. Please remember to come along to the special sale after school on Wednesday 14th December. 

We have recently been completing an audit of our IT resources and have come to the conclusion that we will need to replace 15 laptops in the next twelve months. If you have any rich friends or relatives who would be able to contribute some funds towards the children’s learning, please contact me. Also, there may be funding streams/grants out there that we do not know about; we are open to applying.

We are looking forward to an exciting December; we hope that you are too. 

November 2016

We have enjoyed a ‘spotacular day’! Thank you for your contributions to Children in Need, we have a raised a fabulous sum of £107.

From next Monday, we will be rewarding children who display good manners at lunchtimes. This includes:
* saying please and thank you;
* lining up and sitting at the table quietly;

* using a knife and fork sensibly;
* clearing up and clearing away carefully;
* helping others.
Children will be chosen to sit on the top table with one of their friends. This will not be run on a rota basis; it will be for demonstrating good manners.

The PTA craft events have been well attended this week. The children have made some delightful decorations. Don’t forget to book in children from Willow and Oak next week. Their crafty creations will be a little more grown up. 

November 2016

Thank you. It was really good to see so many of you caring about your children’s education this week by attending our parents’ evenings. It is good to hear, as evidenced in the results and positive comments from our questionnaire, that so many of you trust us to take good care of your children while they are in school. We can only do this if you take on the responsibility of getting your children to school regularly and on time. If you look at the attendance figures for the first half term, most year groups do not reach the expected levels as required by the DfE and Ofsted. This is down to a very small minority of parents and carers who feel that being late is neither their fault nor their responsibility. But it is, and you are letting your children down and you are letting the school down.

In our school community, we have a collective responsibility to keep our children safe, for instance safe car parking and not turning in the school gateway. We have a collective responsibility to prepare children for learning. Please continue to trust us to play our part. Please help us to trust you to play yours. 

November 2016

We are looking forward to seeing you next week at our consultation evenings. We will have the usual Ofsted parent questionnaire available for you to complete on the evening. Even better would be your online contribution to the questionnaire via the Ofsted website.

We have sent emails this week regarding the children’s safety. Please help us to keep your children safe.

Thank you to the PTA members who attended our meeting this week. Please remember that these meetings are open to anyone who can attend. When the world is so busy, it is good to share the workload! Furthermore, your children really enjoy it when you get involved. See the PTA news for the next events. 

October 2016

Thank you for your continued support over the last half
term. Attendance so far just tips over 95%, which isn’t too bad but our target is to get over 96% by the end of the next half term. We will be taking a closer look at the regularity of late arrivals and absences, so we hope that the children remain fit and healthy!

Next term we will be having our usual fundraising events for the British Legion, Children in Need and the Christmas Shoebox Appeal. None of these will demand huge sums of money but every little donation helps. Thank you for your donations of ‘change’ for Water Aid this term. We will continue to fill the jar so if you have any loose change, please help us to donate to this very worthwhile charity.

Finally, I would like to wish you and your children a very restful and healthy half term with lots of autumn sunshine and sleep! 

October 2016

How quickly the weeks are flying by – I’m told it’s only ten weeks until Christmas!

The staff have all been working very hard this term and staff training is essential for ensuring our pupils receive the best learning environment possible. In return we have been rewarded by some magnificent work from the children, which will be displayed at our Parents Consultation evenings on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th November. Sign up sheets for parents to book their 10 minute time slots will be available at the school office from Monday 17th Oct.

As you know, each class has two linked governors who visit regularly. This week Acorns welcomed Mr Nash and Ms Winborn who both joined in the class activities listening to stories and role playing.

We still have children coming to school without coats, please ensure your child has theirs! Please also make sure all uniform is clearly named. 

October 2016

We have had an exciting week this week! Imaginations were ignited in Apples and Pears class when ‘the tiger came to Northaw’. The children were so animated they managed to convince most of the school (and nearly some staff too) that there really had been an escaped tiger causing havoc! This will lead to some magnificent creative writing which will be displayed at the Parents’ consultation evenings in November.

From Grrrrr to Brrrrrrr. Now that the autumnal weather is truly here, please can you ensure your children have coats in school everyday.

The PTA held their AGM on Thursday. All reports will be emailed out to you soon. It is lovely to have enthusiastic parents on board to help raise funds which directly benefit the children. We are currently ordering new reading books for each class thanks to monies raised so far. With more events planned, I hope you will continue to support the school in this way as our focus is now on ICT equipment.

Oak Class have had a lovely time away at PGL this week. They have enjoyed many fun activities including zip wires and quad biking! Take a look at some of the photos on the school website!

Please remember that the school will be closed on Wednesday 12th October for Staff Training, I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, however the training is crucial and essential if we are to continue to provide the very best education for your children. 

September 2016

Thank you VERY much for your kind Harvest donations of food that will be sent to the local food bank. I was overwhelmed by your generosity. Next Thursday, the PTA will be holding their AGM in the school library. Please come along to celebrate the year’s successes and help us to plan events for this year. Thank you to the PTA, which has recently donated £1000 to the school for reading books. Teachers are currently updating their class libraries. Fundraising over the next few years will focus on upgrading our IT resources, much needed for the exciting curriculum that Mrs Taylor is now delivering.

Whilst meeting and greeting families on the front playground this morning, I noticed some drivers use the school car park as a turning circle and a couple of people drop their children off on the yellow lines. I respectfully request that in the interests of safety you allow yourself enough time to park sensibly across the road.

Finally, the children have asked us to provide a cooking club so we are looking for a couple of enthusiastic parents, carers or grandparents, who would be willing to run a club once a week after school. (A rota will be considered!) If you are interested, please arrange a time to pop in to discuss your ideas with me. 

September 2016

The Christian Value we are particularly focusing on this half term is "thankfulness".

We are learning in school to say thank you when someone does something nice for us: if we receive a present, or if someone helps us when we are struggling, we always say thank you.
What do we do in school in response to "thankfulness"?

  • We show our appreciation for pupils’ achievements through giving certificates and stickers to them.

  • We know that having food, clothes and lovely things is a blessing and not a right.

  • We show our thankfulness through our support to charities that help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves.

  • We give thanks to God through our hymns and our prayers, this is genuine and not simply saying the words.

  • We learn to be thankful for the skills of others and the ways in which they enrich our lives.

  • We give thanks to people in our community who visit and help us. We write letters of thanks.

  • We say thank you to each other and know that saying thank you is important and polite.

If your child is grateful and demonstrates "thankfulness" at home, we would like you to tell us, either by email or in a short note. We would like to say thank you for your support. 

September 2016

Thank you to all of you who have attended our ‘meet the teacher’ events; I hope that you found them useful. The last of our events, which will be for parents/carers of children in Acorns Class, will be next Monday afternoon.

This week we enjoyed a rather loud and exciting visit from our local karate expert. This event ‘kick started’ a week of sports and after school activities, involving children of all ages in fitness activities. I am really pleased that we are able to offer such a variety.

This year, the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal will focus on raising money for Water Aid. We have chosen to raise money for this charity for the whole year. Look out for small events in the future; any ideas from you would be most welcome. We would like to say a special thank you to The Water Delivery Company, which has kindly donated a water bottle in which we can collect your loose change.

Finally, at the end of September, the PTA will be holding a MacMillan Coffee morning- start planning your cakes now! 

September 2016

Welcome back. I hope that you all enjoyed a lovely summer break. Welcome to our new children in Acorns and across the school. We also welcome Miss Drake, new teacher in Apples and Pears, and Mrs Taylor, who will be responsible for teaching IT across the school.

The children have enjoyed some e-safety lessons this week; please ask them about how to keep safe online. As we intend to cultivate this area of the curriculum over the year, the PTA events will focus on raising money for the resources required to deliver this area of the curriculum appropriately.

I congratulate all the children, who took part in the 2016 Summer Sentence Challenge. There were 56 entries, which is a magnificent achievement. The twelve winners were each awarded with a pack of ‘funky pencils’ and 10 house points.

‘Meet the teacher’ meetings will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. These are opportunities to ask any questions regarding class organisation and the curriculum. Home learning activities this year will be based on reinforcing the learning that is happening in class. Whilst the ‘grid’ homework was very creative, we hope to incorporate the children’s creative ideas in a broad and rich curriculum in school.

Finally, if there is anything that you would like to discuss regarding your children’s education and well-being, please do not hesitate to catch me on the school gate or make an appointment via Trudy in the school office. 

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