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Northaw C of E Primary School


GDPR & Online safety

We already highly value and protect all of our pupil, parents and staff data and will update or practices and procedures to keep up-to-date with current data protection regulations. For further information about GDPR please visit the ICO website.

We have appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to oversee the way the school handles data and ensure that requests for data are dealt with in accordance with GDPR. Any subject access requests (SAR), Freedom of Information requests (FOI) and queries you have about the way in which your data is handled please contact our DPO.

Our DPO is Carole Connelly.

Click here for our Subject Access Request Policy.

Click here for our Privacy Notice (Parents).

Click here for our Privacy Notice (Staff).

Click here for our Online and Data Security Policy.

Click here for our Remote Learning Policy.

Online Safety

Our Child Exploitation and Online Protection ambassador is Mrs T Taylor.

There are a wealth of fantastic sites on the web which can help assist the children with their learning outside of the classroom.

For advice about cyber-bullying from internet please click here.    

For ‘Managing Children’s Behaviour’ links from our Staying Safe Evening please click here.    

Parents Online Safety links: 

Children’s Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones/Devices/Smart Watches:     

Children in school will not be permitted to bring a mobile phone/device/smart watch to school, unless parents are in agreement with the Head. The school will accept no responsibility for any subsequent damage or loss. Mobile phones/devices/smart watches must be switched off and handed to the office for safe keeping at all times at the beginning of the school day, and will not be allowed to be used during school hours. Any mobile phone/device/smart watch which is used without the permission of a member of staff will be confiscated and kept in a safe place by the school until appropriate arrangements can be made for the collection of the phone/device/smart watch. The child will be dealt with in accordance with the school behaviour policy. Under no circumstances should a mobile phone/device/smart watch be used to record still or video images, or to record audio whilst on the school premises. Parents / Carers who need to contact their child in the case of an emergency should always do so by phoning the school office.    

Under 5s checklist    

START setting some boundaries now - it’s never too early to do things like set limits for the amount of time they can spend on the computer

KEEP devices like your mobile out of reach and make sure you have passwords/PINs set up on them for the times you might lend them to your child...or for when they simply get hold of them themselves!

CHECK the age ratings and descriptions on apps, games, online TV and films before downloading them and allowing your son or daughter to play with or watch them

EXPLAIN your technology rules to grandparents, babysitters and the parents of your child’s friends so that they also stick to them when they’re looking after your child

REMEMBER that public Wi-Fi (e.g. in cafes) might not have Parental Controls on it - so, if you hand over your iPad to your child while you’re having a coffee, they might be able to access more than you bargained for

SET the homepage on your family computer or tablet to an appropriate website like Cbeebies

6-9 checklist    

CREATE a user account for your child on the family computer with appropriate settings and make the most of Parental Controls and tools like Google SafeSearch

AGREE a list of websites they’re allowed to visit and the kind of personal information they shouldn’t reveal about themselves online (like the name of their school or their home address)

DECIDE time limits for things like using the internet and playing on games consoles

BEAR in mind what older siblings might be showing them on the internet, mobiles, games consoles and other devices and agree some rules as a whole family

TALK to other parents about their views on things like what age to buy kids a mobile and don’t be pressured by your child into letting them use certain technologies if you don’t think they’re old enough or mature matter how much they pester you

FAMILIARISE yourself with age ratings and descriptions on games, online TV, films and apps, so that you can be sure your child is only accessing age-appropriate content

10-12 checklist

MAKE sure you’ve set some tech boundaries before they get their first mobile or games console - once they have it in their hands, it can be more difficult to change the way they use it

REMIND your child to keep phones and other devices well hidden when they’re out and about to minimise the risk of theft

TALK to them about what they post and share online - written comments, photos and videos all form part of their ‘digital footprint’ and could be seen by anyone and available on the Web forever

DISCUSS the kind of things they see online - this is the age when they might be looking for information about their changing bodies and exploring relationships, for example

HOLD the line on letting your son or daughter sign up for services like Facebook and YouTube that have a minimum age limit of 13 - talk to other parents and their school to make sure everyone is on the same page

REMIND them that they shouldn’t do anything online that they wouldn’t do face-to-face

Pupils: Before you go online please read these points regarding online safety.    

  • Do Not give out your Real name        
  • Do Not give out your address or telephone number
  • Do Not give out your photo
  • Do Not give out your school name
  • Do Not give out your email address or any passwords