Northaw C of E Primary School


The 6 Rs

At Northaw CE Primary we believe that children will become effective, lifelong learners if they possess the skills that will help them have a growth mindset and an ability to keep going even if they find things difficult.

The work of Professor Guy Claxton stresses the need to teach children tools and skills that will help to build their learning power and teach them how to 'learn to learn'. 

At Northaw CE Primary we focus on 6 main values which were based initially on the work of Guy Claxton. We have evolved these in order to suit our children and prepare them for their next stage in education. We believe we are all Living for Today, Learning for Tomorrow, Forever in Faith

As a school we believe that by developing these 6R skills the children will become more effective, life-long learners who understand why they learn and have a desire to continue to learn. We link this understanding of learning to our Christian beliefs and ethos. The two areas we believe are interchangeable.

The values are:


To be able to think through problems and being ready to make sense of a given situation in order to either learn from it or to solve a problem or create something.


Being aware of our roles and responsibilities, how we should behave, what we should do and why.


Being ready and willing and able to learn in different ways.


Being ready, willing and able to lock onto learning, to keep going when things get tough. Stickability!


Being able to look back on our work, experiences, experiences of others and on the world around us and learn from this.


Thinking about how we should behave appropriately towards our peers, adults, our own learning opportunities, our resources and our environment. 

Further information:

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