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Our value in this second half term is TRUST and we have shared a number of stories relating to this theme including 'The boy who cried wolf', 'Finding Nemo' and the story of the famous tightrope walker, Blondin, crossing Niagra Falls pushing his mother in a wheelbarrow!

We have reflected on a number of questions: what is trust?  How is trust earned? How does trust make you feel? When life challenges us, who can we always turn to?

During the remainder of this term, we will be considering the ultimate story of trust - the story of the Nativity and the unwavering trust which Mary and Joseph both showed in God when they assumed the responsibility of nurturing and caring for God's son on Earth.

During our RE lessons, we have been thinking about religious beliefs and the ways in which people show their belief.  The children have been learning about Sikhism and the different symbols and practices associated with this religion.  Many people belong to the same religion but demonstrate their belief in different ways.  

We have also reflected on our place in the world and the way that we fit in, not just locally, but globally!  We understand that everyone is unique and that some people may have different beliefs to our own, but that religion brings a code for living which has a common theme of morality, justice and love within it.

Over the course of the first half term, our resident artist, Sharon Gale, has worked with the children in small groups to explore the painting style and techniques of David Hockney, inspired by photographs of our beautiful British landscape.  Every child has been able to produce their own painting in the style of Hockney, applying their enhanced understanding of complementary colours and texturising techniques.  You can see just a few examples of our work here.

In this second half of the Autumn term, Sharon will be exploring cave painting with the children with a particular focus on the caves of Lascaux.  This work will link well with our history topic about the Stone Age.

In our English lessons we are turning our hand to adventure story writing.  This involves us learning a story really well through story mapping and acting out, before having a go at creating drama and suspense ourselves.

If you would like to know more about the story, you can ask your child to 'translate' the story map for you!

Our theme of thankfulness has continued this week as we directed our thoughts towards Harvest. We have discussed how lucky we are to have plenty to eat and clean water to drink.  

Each of us has written our own prayer for Harvest and we then chose some of our favourite 'thank yous' to create this class prayer to share in church at our Harvest Festival.

Our value for this half term is thankfulness and we have discovered that we have a lot more to be thankful for than we perhaps first thought!

We shared the story of 'The Secret Stone' by Jill Lauffer and Kathleen Roberts.  Luke is having a bad day and things just seem to go from bad to worse!  He is in a really bad mood by the end of his school day, but on his way home he finds a smooth, shiny stone.  He takes it home and shows it to his grandfather who tells him the story of how, as a boy, he had a secret stone which he kept by his bed and which helped him to remember all of the things in his life for which he was grateful. As he thought of good things, more and more popped into his head.
We have tried to be like Luke and have thought of lots of good things in our lives.  We each had a stone which we glued onto our display, together with a note of something for which we are truly thankful.

Here we are again at the start of another school year.  As we regroup with both old friends and new, we have been thinking about ourselves and what, in particular, makes us a good friend: things like being generous with our time, helping other people, making people laugh.

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