Willow class - our years three and four class

Welcome to Willow

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Religious Education

As part of our learning about Hinduism, we have studied Diwali.  We really enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and you can see some of our work below.

We also learnt about the goddess Lakshmi and the special decorations (Rangoli patterns) created to attract her into Hindu homes at the start of the Hindu new year.  This is our rangoli.  What riches would you wish for?


We practised our descriptive writing skills by working on separate parts of the Rama and Sita story.  Click on the writing below to read some examples of our year 3 work.


Did you know sound is a vibration?  In Willow class we have been learning all about sound and how it travels from the source to our brain.

We have investigated making sound, varying pitch and volume, insulating sound and we have even created our own instruments for our Willow orchestra.  There were some pretty amazing creations!

RE Week - Full of Beans: Bishop's Harvest Appeal

Our RE week provided a further opportunity to think about generosity and how we might be able to help people less fortunate than ourselves.  We have been learning about how hard life can be for many families in the Philippines and how we might, through a tiny gesture, be able to make life better for them.  

Ask your child about FairTrade and you may be surprised at how much they are able to tell you!

Eating Healthy Can Be Fun!

Histon Produce came into school on Friday to tell us all about the importance of fruit in our daily diet.  We had so much fun looking at a huge variety of different fruits including figs, passion fruit, pomegranates and even a dragon fruit!  

Lots of us were very adventurous, trying all sorts of fruits that we'd never had before!  Some of them were very sweet. 

Can you guess from our faces which were the sour fruits?

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