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As we head towards our climate change topic and given that our value for this half term is respect, we have started our half term by looking at Earth.  What is the Christian view of the world and how much value do we place on every living thing around us?

How does Hinduism view the Earth And God's role in its creation?
Respect for the world seems to be a strong theme in both religions yet too often it is missing from our daily lives.

We have been very busy finding out about Scandinavia.

We have studied the climate and looked at how this affects the plants and animals which live there as well as the people.Part of Scandinavia is in the Arctic Circle and we used our research skills to find out about some of the animals who are specially adapted to living in this very cold environment.We have written reports about our animals.  

Sharon has kept us busy with amazing art!  We have produced pen and ink drawings of our animals in a Folk Art style.  It is not just the animal itself which is important in the picture, the borders are an important part too.

Stoat in ermine
Red sided garter snake

Once our drawings were completed, we moved on to modelling... with Modroc!  First we made a newspaper armature before layering on the Modroc.  It was a bit like sticking on layers of bandage and needed to be smoothed out very carefully.Finally we painted our animals and put them into our Scandinavian forest.

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