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The coat contains lots of the things we are thankful for

In Willow we have been thinking about many of the things which we ought to be thankful for and which we, perhaps, take for granted.  We have spent time considering how being thankful actually makes us feel.  Everyday, we all experience things for which we should be grateful but in our busy lives, how often do we take time to stop and think just how lucky we are.

You can read the story of the coat of thankfulness here.

Our work on Harvest linked with our value of thankfulness and with the Bishop of St Albans Harvest Appeal for Malawi.  We wrote prayers for Harvest and in our English we wrote poems based upon a Pie Corbett poem called "I Wish..."  

You can read some examples of our work here.

A lot of our maths has been about place value this term.  This is such an important concept for children to get to grips with if they are to truly understand number.  Using a variety of place value resources, we had a go at making different 3-digit numbers using 37 pieces of equipment.  Now that really got us scratching our heads!

Our science topic this term is all about keeping healthy.  We have been looking at nutrition and the importance of a healthy diet.  We became sugar detectives investigating the hidden sugars in food and we were shocked at some of the things we discovered.

Look at the different amounts of sugar contained in the variety of breakfast cereals we investigated!

We've also been busy creating skeleton puppets.  How do you like our creations?

We had a special visit from two ladies at Warburtons last week.  We learnt all about how bread is made in their bakery and that yeast is a living thing!  

Do you know what the difference is between white and brown bread?  Ask your child and see if they can explain it to you.  

Did you know that you can include a lot of your "5 a day" in a sandwich?

We didn't just learn about nutrition; we also learnt about food hygiene.  You can see us in this picture with our "bakers' hands" ready to start our sandwich making.  We learnt all about the importance of proper hand washing before touching food.  Keeping our hands like this ensures we don't touch anything and pick up germs!  Our fancy hair nets stop any stray hairs from falling onto the food.

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