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Ice Cream Van


This week is our last week learning about transport. 

This week we will be focusing on water transport and learning about floating and sinking. Our science challenge is to see if we can make plasticine float. In our RE lesson we will be learning all about Noah and his Ark.

Last week we learnt about land transport and during the first week of the half term we concentrated on travelling by air. We have had a travel agent’s shop in our role play area and made all sorts of different ways to travel.

In our RE lessons we have been thinking about justice and why saying sorry is important. Last week we went for a walk to check for signs of spring and we were very successful. There were lots of different sign to find. Have a look at our pictures underneath this post.

Next week our topic is Hats and then we will have two weeks learning all about Easter.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Woodcutter.

We are now in week 3 of our learning about Traditional Stories. We have had a week concentrating on Little Red Riding Hood, a week focusing on The Gingerbread Man and this week we will learn all about stories that contain the number 3 - 3 billy goats, 3 pigs and 3 bears to be exact. We will be building bridges for the billy goats, houses for the pigs and we might even have some porridge for snack time. It’s also very important that we look out for trolls!

Investigating Red!
A Ginger Bread House.
Building structures.
Counting buttons and matching numerals.
Playing turn taking games.
Watching a puppet show.
Writing stories.
Mapping Red Riding Hood's journey.
Practising phonics.
How does it feel?

On Monday afternoon, the Reception children walked up to the church and enjoyed looking at all of the windows. We looked at the font and had a long discussion about the bells in the tower. On Thursday morning, Reverend Rachel came to visit us and told us the story of The Lost Sheep and helped us to do some singing ready for church next Monday.

Can we work out how many bells are in the tower?
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