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Welcome to Acorns - our nursery and reception. 

Making new friends
Making new friends

Welcome to Acorns!

On this page you will find information about our Acorns class; Nursery and Reception. We hope you enjoy seeing our learning journey!

Our first topic in the Autumn term was 'Welcome to Acorns,' during which we got to know all of our new friends and explore our new classroom and outdoor environment. 

See our Spring Term Looking at Learning leaflet and a useful Top Tips to Support Phonics at home leaflet.

Campsite role play
Campsite role play

Let's Go Camping!

We have really been enjoying our topic of 'Let's Go Camping!' It has given us the opportunity for lots of physical development, outdoor play and exploration, team building activities and social development. Some of the activities which we have been doing include:

- Den building

- Camping role play and cooking around a campfire

- Telling stories around the campfire

- Creating artwork using natural materials

- Exploring woodland stories such as 'The Gruffalo' and 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.'

- Positional language using tents and camping equipment

- Building bridges to help animals cross the river

Wellness activities
Wellness activities

Wellbeing in Acorns

The personal, social and emotional development of all our children is key. To support this, we have a daily mindfulness session and a regular 'nurture' session, in addition to the ongoing care and emotional support which we offer the children. Mindfulness activities include those such as breathing activities, story massage, meditation, yoga, mindful listening, tai chi and being in nature.
Forest school
Forest school

Forest School

In Acorns, we love Forest School! We get to explore our lovely wooded area and join in with many activities such as den building, leaf rubbings, comparing and measuring natural objects and creating pictures using sticks. Our Acorns children are very interested in nature and animals and are often found hunting for minibeasts or creating them homes.

We are thankful for lovely flowers
We are thankful for lovely flowers

Religious Education

Our Christian values for this term are thankfulness and trust. We learnt about what it means to be thankful and talked about what things we are grateful for in our own lives. Then we went on a thankfulness scavenger hunt in our outdoor area. For example we had to find things which make us happy, things which would make someone else smile, things that are our favourite colour. We discovered there are lots of things to be thankful for here at Northaw. 

We have been talking about who we trust and what qualities we would find in someone that we would trust e.g kindness and loyalty.