Vision and Values

In our school, which has a Christian Foundation, 

we aim to:

  • Create a safe, stimulating learning environment which supports and inspires the whole school community to embrace life-long learning
  •  Make a positive difference to the lives of children
  •  Teach, model and live by the Christian values we share
  •  Teach creatively in order to promote creative learning within creative classrooms
  •  Make pupils’ learning experience enjoyable, relevant, interesting and effective
  •  Encourage pupils to think, question and lead
  •  Enable pupils to become good citizens, now and in their future
  •  Develop the skills of and a joy in reading for all children
  •  Develop a growth mind set in pupils, colleagues and parents
  •  Work collaboratively to share ideas, skills and interests

Reasoning   Resilience   Responsibility

Resourcefulness   Respect   Reflection

These are our 6Rs.

They are the overarching Christian values which help us to be effective learners and good citizens everyday. They help us towards our vision.

Please click here to see a presentation on our Vision and Values.

Further information:

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