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Willow - our years three and four

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The little parrot carries water as she tries to put out the fire
The little parrot carries water as she tries to put out the fire

Courage is our Christian value this term.

In class we shared the story of 'The Brave Little Parrot' and discussed the selfless way in which the parrot acted.   Click here to hear more.  This story comes from Buddhism and teaches the need for resilience and courage in the face of a seemingly impossible task.

We have also considered how Bible stories can inspire people.  The story of David and Goliath has helped us to understand that for Christians, God's love and support provides guidance and helps us to be courageus when life is difficult.


Our science topic has been sound and we have been able to explore different ways of creating sound, experimenting with pitch and volume and learning about the frequency and amplitude of sound waves.

We made our own musical instruments and even had our very own one man band!

Anglo Saxon warrior
Anglo Saxon warrior

Anglo Saxons

Our Anglo Saxon visitor did an amazing job of briging this period of history to life.   We learnt about battle techniques, weapons, clothing, food and burial rituals. 
An Anglo Saxon Burial
An Anglo Saxon Burial

Anglo Saxon burials

Anglo Saxon warriors were buried with everything they needed for the after life including food, weapons, clothes and even their hunting dogs and slaves.

Jesus on the Tube

We have been thinking about Jesus and where we might expect to find Him.  We realised that He is everywhere if only we choose to look.

We used the artwork of Antonia Rolls as our inspiration for our poetry.

Creating a Rangoli pattern
Creating a Rangoli pattern

Rangoli patterns

Rangoli patterns are traditionally used to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into Hindu homes during Diwali.

We had a go at creating our own Rangoli patterns using rice, pasta and lentils.  Creating our patterns provided us with an opportunity to explore symmetry and to develop our understanding of this mathematical concept.