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Willow - our years three and four

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We all belong
We all belong

Thankfulness and Trust are our Christian values this term.

In class we shared the story of 'I'm thankful each day'.  It helped us to appreciate that although things are difficult at the moment because of Covid-19, we still have lots to be thankful for.   Click here to hear more. 

We have been busy filling our jars of thankfulness with many of the things we are grateful for, adding something new each morning.  After half term we will be able to take our jars home and share them with our families.

In RE we have been studying Sikhism and the importance of 'belonging' to the Sikh community.  This has helped us to appreciate our place in the world and the different ways in which we contribute to our community locally but also the links we have on a wider basis with family and friends who live further away.  A sense of belonging is important to all of us.

What do we know about trust?
What do we know about trust?


We have been thinking about what trust is.  What does it look like?  How does it grow?  How can we show that people can trust us?  Who can we trust?

As we move towards Christmas, we have shared the story of the Annunciation.  Mary placed her trust in God when the angel told her she would have a baby and he would be the son of God.

Joseph also trusted God when he agreed to take Mary as his wife knowing that she was already expecting a baby.

Health and Fitness!

Our science topic has been all about keeping healthy.  We have looked at hidden sugars in food and considered the importance of diet.  We created a variety of meals through junk modelling.

Having understood the importance of food as a fuel for our bodies, we went on to consider exercise.  We have carried out a variety of investigations to try to establish a link between muscle strength and regular exercise.  Ask your child how many swap jumps they were able to do!

We also TRIED to investigate breathing rates before and after exercise.  This met with limited success - we found it difficult to breathe normally once we were asked to analyse our breathing rates and we spent a great deal of time huffing and puffing after running around!  But this is all good experience in demonstrating that scientific investigations are not always successful first time and that resilience and reflection strengths are required in order to recognise any shortcomings and have another go!

Skeleton Puppets
Skeleton Puppets

 We have also looked at the importance of our skeleton and the way in which we are able to move.  We all had a go at making skeleton puppets which was great fun!  


We have been learning about the Stone Age and the advances made by early man from hunter gatherer to farmer.

Keep checking back on our page to see what we find out when we visit Celtic Harmony after half term!

We have also explored the importance of cave painting as a means of recording life at that time and communication between different tribes as they followed the herds.  We mixed our own paints using coloured chalks, earth and fats.