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Welcome to Oak class!

This is Oak's class page. 

Visit here to see photos and to find out what the children in Oak are learning.

On Monday, Year 5 and 6 took part in a 'Moving Toys' workshop. Through this design and technology morning, the children learned about different types of cam and how they can be used to make toys move. The children listened very carefully to the instructions and were very accurate when making their moving dragon. 

SPAG Surgery!

Last week, Oak class has some training as surgeons. They used their skills in spelling, grammar and punctuation to save many lives!

Guilty Or Not Guilty?

Oak class held a court case to find out whether Friar Lawrence was guilty for the death of Juliet Capulet. The barristers carried out lots of research; conjured up lots of fantastic questions; looked carefully at the evidence and put forward an excellent case. The witnesses and the defendant responded very well to the questions and the jury came to the verdict that Friar Lawrence was indeed - not guilty!

This week in maths, Oak Class have been learning about the different parts of a circle and how to work out the radius, diameter and circumference of a circle. They used paint and bubbles to create different size circles, before measuring them and working out the different measurements.

Oak Class have been learning and understanding the story of Romeo and Juliet through drama. They have been using drama to help them with their writing, when describing key characters in the play. We will be using this story to inspire lots of our writing this term, as well as using the characters and their circumstances in a court trial later on this term.

This week, we have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Following on from the Christmas play, the children have worked in groups, to produce a script, that would fit in with the Christmas play. They have worked hard on researching Christmas around the world; making props, writing their scripts and performing their scenes. The Oak teachers really enjoyed watching their performances!

The life of a tree

By Toby

The tree shakes his stiff branches

His leaves start to mount over him, 

Like a cave


The tree observes the careless children

Stampeding down the hill,

Like a herd of buffaloes,

Sweaty glow.

The tree starts to tremble

As the bell rings for lunch,

Like a fire alarm,


The tree takes a sigh of relief

When lunch is over, it is peace for the rest of the day.

Like a snake in the bushes,


The tree lay his bold head on a cloud-like pillow

He could feel an owl fluttering around

Like an ant on your leg,


The tree's leaves

By George

The tree opens his eyes and stretches

Brushes off dead wood and fallen leaves

Like a rejected pet,

He is abandoned, alone in the park.

The tree's eyes wonder the park

He catches sight of a gate

Like an opening mouth, the gate swings open,

If only he could wonder out.

The tree hunts for attention

Like always...nothing

Like he is too small to notice,

He reflects...

The tree was being ignored

It started to poor, as kids rushed out of school,

Like an umbrella,

He sheltered them.

The tree watched over the park,

The groundskeeper planted a seed,

Like thoughts, the seed grew,

He has a new friend, who does not ignore him.

The cloud's day

By Georgia

The cloud awakens

Fluffs up his plushy self,

Like floating cotten

He wakes.

The cloud roars,

Hungry for lunch,

Like a ravenous bear,


The cloud wails,

Disrespectfully teased by the sun,

Like a rushing river,

Tears fall.

The cloud yawns,

Turns pink in the sunset glow,

Like rose quartz,

He drifts.

The cloud sleeps,

Floats into the night,

Like a dark dream,

He floats.

Changing clothes

By Isabella

The tree's leaves start to change to a fiery orange,

His bark, brown to auburn

Like he's changing his clothes


The tree takes out a dark, murky-green grass coat to wear.

Heavy drops fall on his fiery hair

Mushroom umbrella up.


The tree starts to get weary,

Blinks in despair,

Stretches its roots like a yawn.


The tree's branches glimmer and shimmer

Lights from the house windows flicker

Like a hotel,


The tree's lights turn off one by one

Like a Mexican wave

There's silence

Lights out and sleep.

The watch's day 

By Charlie.W

The watch springs to life.

It wails at the dozing child.

Like a scream from a cyclone.

Deafening noise.

The watch observes the children

Getting dizzier and dizzier,

Like a child on a roundabout

Running into class.

The watch's eyes fill with emotion,

As the child leaves it for lunch,

Like a mother leaving its child at the gate,


The watch leaves for home.

Its bouncing off the roof,

Like a child who has a sugar rush,


The watch leaves for home,

A smile grows on his face.

Like a child with a Mum.


The sun's job 

By Callum

The sun puts on his magnificent clothes

He wakes everyone who is in his beam

Like a dog waiting for their owner.


The sun springs around the world,

Every single day

Like a  roundabout spinning

Making children dizzy.

The sun sings and dances,

To music,

Like a beautiful choir,

Singing a peaceful song.

The sun checks from above,

Through the window,

Like a teacher checking on a student,

To see if they're safe.

The sun turns off his light,

And he throws his blanket over him

Like a cheery child,

Cuddling his yellow bear.

This week, the children in Oak have been learning about personification. They have looked at a range of poems featuring personification and have learned and been performing a poem all about the activity of the sun in a day. The poem is called 'The Day's eye'. 

The children then worked on a collaborative poem about the moon. They personified the moon and created images to match their poem. 

Soon, we will be posting our own versions of personification poetry.
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