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Summer 2 Learning

Pizza Express

9.30am: Good morning and welcome! You turn up with your class and meet the Restaurant Manager and their team.

9.45am: Before we get chopping and tasting, our Manager will run you through some important cooking basics. Things like washing hands, and staying safe in the kitchen.

10.00am: Ready, steady, pizza. Our pizzaiolo (pizza chef) now takes over, showing you how to make a famous, Italian classic: the Margherita.

Everyone will get the chance to knead the dough, making it lovely and smooth, and create the perfect base. Then we’ll discover just how important the fresh ingredients are to the pizza’s flavour. The final touch? Topping your creations with our famous passata (tomato) sauce, mozzarella and basil.

It takes about half an hour, from kneading the dough to putting your pizza in the oven.

10.30am: While the pizzas are cooking in our giant pizza oven, get involved in our Ingredients Quiz. It’s where we taste and learn about different ingredients, and then answer questions about each one.

10.45am: What’s that delicious smell? Your hot pizzas coming out of the oven, of course. It’s time to take them back to school for lunch, along with your Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate as you’re now one of our little pizza chefs.

11.00am: Thanks for coming – it’s the end of your morning with us.

Summer 1 Learning

V and A live art lesson

Victorian Day

Oak class came dressed up as Victorians. They experienced a Victorian classroom with Dr Inglis. Then, we learnt some facts before reciting a poem. We also wrote our own nonsense poems. After that, we made some prints in the style of William Morris and did some gardening. 


Still image for this video

Spring 2 Learning

Boltons Park Farm Visit

As part of British Science Week (BSW) the theme of which this year is Connections. Oak Class visited the farm and attend a variety of educational talks and demonstrations during the day, tying in with the BSW connections theme.


Some of the areas we covered were: 

Learning Objectives: · Skills- to develop skills in: -observing orphan lambs and seeing how they’re nurtured, bandaging pet animals · Place- to understand that the RVC is a university where you can study veterinary medicine and science · Emotion- to enjoy session · Attitudes- to meet a range of professionals working in animal related careers · Knowledge o to know the relationship between farm animals and food- specific to cattle, sheep and chickens o To hear case studies of science research about these animals

The theme for BSW 2023 is Connections. The four planned rotations will link to this. · Growing to be an expert in your field. Student Ambassadors growing to be scientists and vets, how their training connects with real life practices o Farmer – expert in field o BAME students – challenging stereotypes in veterinary profession o Amy – shepherdess · Exploring the outdoors – nature, STEM in action (science related to what we do at the farm. Farm to fork, AI with cows etc) · Not just scientists in lab coats – what science happens at the farm? · Connections – life cycle of animals. Lambs. Cows – life cycle – when we use for milk what age, how long.

Percussion Workshop

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English Learning- Swing of Change

In English Oak class have been looking at the short animation 'Swing of Change'. From this we have written character and setting descriptions, as well as a focus on personification.

World Book Day

Esther - Bible Story

This animated Bible story video for kids tells the story of Esther's Request to the King, based on Esther 3-5. Oak class looked at this story, linking with our new value of 'Justice'.

Oak Class have been learning to recite the poem The Listeners by Walter De La Mare.

Oak Class 'The Listeners'

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Spring 1 Learning 

School Trip

Oak class went on a school trip to a Gurdwara, Mosque and Church. We learnt about 3 different religions as part of RE.

The Big Green Poetry Machine Poetry Competition for 5-11 year-Olds

Oak class were invited to celebrate nature, care for the environment and create a better world for their future by writing a poem that gives young voices a chance to be heard by being published in a book.
We wrote our own poems and entered the competition.


 We have been learning all about structures. After asking children in Apples and Pears what they like in different playgrounds, we designed our own playgrounds. We practised our skills by making 3D shapes and discovered that triangular shapes worked best. 

Design and Technology (D&T) | KS2 | How to make a structure stronger | BBC Teach

This film is an ideal tool to introduce pupils to the techniques that can be used to make structures stronger. As they watch the film, pupils can give their own thoughts on why they think some structures are stronger than others.

What got me writing 'Boy in the Tower'

The real towers which inspired 'Boy in the Tower' by Polly Ho-Yen.

Autumn 2 Learning 


Reverend Chris came in to class to teach us about Christingles. We all got to make one to take home with us. The orange represents the world. The candle represents light. The dried fruit represents the four seasons. The red tape represents blood.

Snow at Northaw

In music this term we have been looking at emotions and musical styles. Everyone has the opportunity to play a musical instrument. We have been learning to play the note C.


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It has been 100 years since Tutankhamun’s tomb was uncovered by Howard Carter. To celebrate we had an author visit via zoom. Emma Carroll the author of our guided reading text ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ gave a talk all about her book.

Christmas is here! Oak class have taken part in an Art competition. The details are:


Hertfordshire Heroes is encouraging all Key Stage 2 pupils in Hertfordshire to take part in our annual Christmas Art Competition by 21 November 2022.  This year, we invite children to create artwork depicting 2022 to bring “Christmas cheer” to military personnel for their chance to win a day of adventure at the UK military’s strategic headquarters, Northwood HQ. A winner will be chosen from each year group in Key Stage 2. 


The artwork will be shared with those serving in the Armed Forces who are working away from their families at Christmas to help bring them some “Christmas Cheer”.  This information is also located online at


Click on the PDFs below to see our designs. 

To celebrate the Football World Cup we had a dance workshop. We learnt dances from different countries. Thank you Saracens for coming in! Oak class had a great time.

On 15th November 2022, (the start of advent for the Greek Orthodox Church) we had Father Dematrianos come in for a talk. He spoke about the time of advent for the the Greek Orthodox Church. We then thought about the similarities and differences between different dominations of Christianity during the time of advent.


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In RE we have been learning about Judaism. We have learnt about key artefacts of Judaism. We will be writing our own version of a Jewish Prayer and hopefully we are going to have a visitor in to share some more information and learning about Judaism with us. 


Below is a useful video about Judaism.

What is Judaism? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Judaism

In Art and Design Oak class are focusing on the artist of Antoni Guadi. Below is a video showing his work.

Autumn 1 Learning

As part of our DT we have been look at seasonal vegetables. We decided that carrot would be the best vegetable for our soup! We cut or grated a carrot and made soup. We then chose which seasoning we would like to put on top of our seasonal soup.


The recipe is below if you would like to make some at home. 



PGL: Day 5


Orienteering and home time! 

PGL: Day 4


Zip-line, buggy building, climbing, coastal walk, splash and Owen’s birthday!

PGL: Day 3


Archery, raft building, sensory walk, trapeze and sports night.

PGL Day 2


Giant swing, archery, survivor, fencing and campfire.

PGL: Day 1


We’ve safely arrived at PGL! After unpacking, we made our way to play some games and then enjoyed our first meal together. We then went and played a game called ‘ambush’.

Mummified Tomatoes


We learnt the process the Egyptian’s used to mummify important people. We used this process to mummify a tomato!

Oak class had a virtual trip. The British Museum hired us as Myth Busters and we learnt lots of facts about about the Ancient Egyptians. We even had an online quiz using Cahoot. Well done to Owen for being our winner!

To kick off our Egyptian topic we painted Egyptian plates.