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Our most recent topic has been bears. We were shocked when we came into the classroom and saw porridge everywhere, a broken chair and three bowls and spoons. We thought Goldilocks must have been in our classroom! We became detectives and made “wanted” posters to try and find her. Luckily, she wrote us a letter apologising for the mess she had made.

Next, we learned the story of “We are going on a Bear Hunt”. We enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen read the story and we acted it out. The children were very good at joining in with the words.

Finally, we had our very own Teddy Bears’ Picnic. We wrote invitations to our teddies and made cupcakes for us and them to eat. We enjoyed introducing our teddies from home to Acorns classroom.

When I grow up…

Well we wanted to be lots of different jobs when we grow up. Some of us want to be nurses and others a race car driver! During this topic we were very lucky to have lots of visitors. We had a policeman, a scientist, two librarians and a paramedic. We got to ask them lots of questions and learned all about their job. Thanks again to any parents who helped with the visits.

The King’s Coronation

We celebrated the King’s Coronation in style! We learned all about King Charles and looked back on his life. We learnt about the current Royal Family and what happens during the coronation. We thought about what it would be like to be King or Queen for a day and we had lots of great ideas!


This term we have been learning about Christian Celebrations. We learnt about what happens during a Christian wedding. To make this learning come to life, Eli and Callie agreed to get married in church and Reverend Chris conducted the service.

First of all, the ushers (Florence, Perla and Sienna E) showed Amy, Mrs Fernandes and Miss Barker to our pews. Then the ceremony started with some music. Down the aisle walked the bridesmaids (Raine, Nellie and Ruby), the flower girl (Sophie), the mother of the bride (Lucia) and of course Callie and her father (Noah). They were greeted at the front of church by Eli, his best man (Samuel) and groomsman (Jayden). Reverend Chris then conducted the service, the children chose to say "I will", and the friends and family agreed the wedding by saying "we will". Samuel then gave the rings to the couple, who signed a document. We sang two songs and then Iommi blessed the couple with a beautiful prayer. Finally, we celebrated by throwing confetti outside the church. Thanks to Reverend Chris for the huge effort he put in.


We have enjoyed our topic of growing. We started by looking at babies and how they grow into be adults. We really enjoyed looking at our own baby photos and guessing who was who. We then learnt about animals and how they grow, we focused on caterpillars turning into butterflies. Children loved learning the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl and wrote down what they thought the caterpillar may eat next. We then looked at plants and thought about the different parts of a plant. We have grown our own cress and started on our outside garden area.


What an exciting topic Space was. We built rockets, saw a space ship flying over school and even wrote letters to aliens! We learnt the story “Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy and enjoyed acting out the story. In our art lesson we learnt about mixing colours and created different planets.

Lunar New Year 

The children have been very curious about Lunar New Year. They have asked lots of interesting questions and amazed Dr Inglis by knowing where China was on the globe. During this topic, the children have tried some Chinese writing, tasted Chinese food and pretended they ran a Chinese restaurant. We have also learnt the story of “The Great Race”. The children enjoyed acting out the story as a class and also used the figures in the small world to retell the story.


In Acorns we were very excited about Christmas! We started by working as a team to decorate the classroom; we put the tree up and tinsel was stuck up everywhere! We wrote letters to Santa and thought about what food we would want to eat on Christmas day. We linked our learning to the season of winter and especially enjoyed exploring painting in the snow! We completed lots of counting activities linked to Christmas and even had a daily visit from Bobby the elf! We also enjoyed a visit to church to help Reverend Chris find all the Nativity characters and we also loved our trip to the pantomime. What a busy end to the term it was!

The Jolly Postman

The last few weeks we have been learning about the Jolly Postman. We created story maps and thought about who the Jolly Postman may visit next. We have enjoyed spending time in our role play area which has been a post office. We have been writing letters and putting them in the post box. The children decided they wanted to send a real letter home, so each wrote a letter, bought a stamp from Trudy in the office and we all walked to the post box in Northaw to post our letters. We cannot wait to receive them at home!


We have had a great topic of learning about hats. Our focus text was Paddington. We learnt how Paddington kept a sandwich under his hat and read several of his books. We then made our own sandwiches and decided if we wanted marmalade or jam. In the creative corner and construction area we made our own hats. We also wore a bike helmet as we took part in a Balancability Run by the Hertford and Ware School Sports Partnership.


We have been loving our new topic which is Superheroes. We have had Superhero HQ set up and have enjoyed dressing up as different superheroes. We have been reading a variety of superhero books including the “Supertato” books. We have created wanted posters and tried to swash evil pea!

Autumn Days

In our autumn days topic we learnt about the season of autumn and talked about the changes which happen during autumn. We spent lots of time outside especially in the forest area looking at all the changes. We made autumn crowns and went on a nature hunt. In our writing sessions we learnt the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and then enjoyed acting it out using the masks. Our cooking session was baking bread, we liked kneading the dough and especially enjoyed eating it. Eli said “This is the best bread I have ever tasted!”

The Colour Monster

This week we have been thinking about our emotions. We have talked about what makes us feel these emotions. We have then taken part in a range of different activities all based on colours and feelings. Have a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to.

The Colour Monster

In our first week of school we have been exploring all the areas of the classroom. Here are some photos of us. 

Marvellous Me

Our first topic has been “Marvellous Me”. One of the activities we have done is making our face onto a pitta pizza. We then enjoyed eating them!

As part of our topic of “Marvellous me” we talked about who we live with. We then drew a picture to show this. They are on display in our classroom.