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Musical Traditions


Country: Indonesia
Tradition: Gamelan
Title: Baris
Artist/Composer: Gong Kebyar of Paliatan

Gamelan music has been hugely influential since the remarkable ensembles were heard in Paris at the 1889 World Fair.


Musicians who sought inspiration in gamelan music include Debussy (Pagodes), Satie (Gnossienne) and Takemitsu (For Away).

Sahela Re

Country: India
Tradition: Indian Classical
Title: Sahela Re
Artist/Composer: Kishori Amonkar

Kishori Amonkar was one of the leading vocalists of Indian classical music in the 20th century.


Aside from being a renowned musician, Amonkar was a popular speaker and travelled throughout India giving lectures, most notably on the theory of rasa (feelings, emotions) in music.