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Class Learning 2022-2023

Science - Reflective and non-reflective material

Today, we investigated the science behind reflective and non-reflective material by observing how light from a source bounces off different materials. 

Science - Flower models

Roman Trip 


Willow Class had an amazing time on the Roman Trip in St Albans! We met with a Roman soldier, learnt about Saint Alban and tasted Roman food.  

Labelling Skelly the Skeleton 

Today, we learnt about the different bones in a human skeleton and took turns labelling Skelly. 

Jail time 

Willow Class were arrested today in suspicion of stealing Miss Bone's teddy bear 'Mr Snuffles', they all got their mugshots taken and fingerprints were collected for evidence. Isabelle, Peter and Miriam were my helpful police officers and helped to round up all of the suspects. This is all part of their English learning on recounts, linked to the text 'The True Story of The Three Little Pigs'. 


In R.E we have been learning about the Sikh festival Vaisakhi, the children all performed a traditional dance to celebrate the upcoming event. 

Vaisakhi dance


This term Willow Class have been doing gymnastics, they have been focusing on having the correct stance while maintaining their balance.



This week Willow class designed nets on CAD software for their project on designing and constructing money boxes. Well done Willow! 


Net design


In Science, children have been learning about classification and more specifically about vertebrates and invertebrates. Today they all participated in a fun classification game and won lots of house credits! 

Is it a vertebrate or invertebrate?


Willow Class have been looking at fables this term, they have created an impressive body of work based on the modern fable War and Peas by Michael Foreman.

War and Peas