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Western Classical Tradition and Film

Mars from The Planets

Title: Mars from The Planets
Composer: Handel
Period: 20th Century

In ancient Roman religion Mars was the god of war.


Holst composed this piece in anticipation of the outbreak of World War One.

Night Ferry

Title: Night Ferry
Composer: Anna Clyne
Period: 21st Century

This single-movement piece for orchestra takes the form of a musical voyage – telling the story of a ship, struggling through the night.


Listen out for rolling strings, jabbing brass and delicate Tibetan singing bowls coming together to make an expressive impact. 


Title: Bolero
Composer: Revel
Period: 20th Century

Ravel was a French composer who liked to experiment with ideas and was inspired by all kinds of music including Baroque, Classical and Jazz.


This iconic piece by Ravel was written in 1928 as a ballet. 

Hallelujah from Messiah

Title: Hallelujah from Messiah
Composer: Handel
Period: Baroque

European immigrant G. F. Handel provides us with one of the great works of the English language with 1741’s Messiah.


The Hallelujah chorus is the best known of the parts of Messiah.