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Updates and Reminders

I hope you had a great summer, and we look forward to welcoming pupils back to school tomorrow. I am just writing with some key updates and reminders, making for a smooth start to the year.


Attendance Matters


We want every child to be a HERO - 

Here Every day Ready On time 

(minutes late to school are minutes lost from learning) 


Gates continue to open at 8.35am, and it is expected every child has passed through by the time they are closed (8.45am). Children who arrive after this must enter via reception and are subsequently marked as late; parents and carers must also complete a confidential late-book entry before leaving. Registration closes at 9.00am, when unexplained absences are automatically recorded as unauthorised.


Please contact the school when your child is absent to explain the reason. 


You can send your child to school with a cold, cough, headache or sore throat if they do not have a fever; cold sore or head lice, but please let us know, so we can look after them.


Lateness patterns and unauthorised absences trigger a communication from the headteacher. Failure to improve or non-engagement with the school in offering support can lead to involving the Local Authority Attendance Officer and even legal sanctions.


You can be fined for taking your child on holiday during term time without the school’s permission.


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


We now house an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), located in reception.




Upcoming events for the year ahead have already been added to the calendar on our website. Please note the house winning most credits last half term (Oz) can wear their colour on Friday.


Church Worship


First thing every Monday, we attend worship in church. Parents and carers are very welcome to join us.


Extreme Reading


This summer, I have once again been challenging the children to do some extreme reading.


Here is what they need to do:


  • Pick a book.
  • Find an extreme but safe place to read it, like in another country, on a bus or with an animal.
  • Ask their parent or carer to photograph them and email us (, or they can bring a copy to school after the summer holiday.


Photographs will be used both for a display by my room and on our website.


Healthy Snacks


Parents and carers are welcome to send their child to school with a snack for break; however, healthy choices are strongly recommended for this point in the day.




You probably remember I surveyed parents and carers about homework in June. Responses indicated overwhelming satisfaction with the approach we take, described on our website along with expectations for each year group. Reinforcing class-based learning is the main purpose of homework; however, where a pupil would benefit from stretching, please explore the remote education area of class pages, updated half-termly.


Parking Considerations


Please avoid parking opposite the school given the dangers this poses to our children.