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15th October 2021

The end of another week is here and what a brilliant week it has been! The week started with great excitement as we once again attended the church and enjoyed a great service with some uplifting songs. We then had our first break time as a whole school community. The pupils were delighted to be able to play outside with their friends from other classes once again and the behaviour was exemplary. It was such a positive and energising way to begin the week. Lunchtimes have also run very smoothly.

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting classes this week to look at some of the maths learning across the school. It has been both delightful and inspiring to see the positive learning attitudes that pupils have. The staff team work tirelessly to support pupils and it is very evident that relationships between all members of the school community are a great strength of the school. I was particularly impressed by the focus and participation from pupils that I have seen in the lessons visited.

It was very pleasing to hear fantastic feedback about Willow class visit to Wodson Park this week. The organisers of this event went out of their way to speak to Northaw staff to say that the pupils from Northaw stood out for the way they work together and support each other as a team. What brilliant news to receive! Well done to Willow Class. What great ambassadors you have been.

Unbelievably, next week is the final week of this half term. We look forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a restful weekend.