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17th September 2021

Another week has come to end and the weekend is upon us. I am convinced that Northaw is has its own time zone: I cannot work out how it goes from being 8am to suddenly being 3pm all in the space of what seems to be twenty minutes. There is the old proverb that time flies when you’re having fun, so perhaps that is the reason.

A very excited Mrs Cullingford arrived at my door on Wednesday afternoon. I wasn’t quite sure whether she was auditioning for a place on Britain’s Got Talent (she was breaking into a song and dance as her joy infused the room), but it turned out to be something even better than that: Willow class had worked so hard during the afternoon, creating a story board and producing some excellent pieces of writing. I was delighted to go and visit the class and agreed that an exceptional effort had been made. As a result, Wil-low are the first class to be awarded a whole class ‘Golden Ticket’. Earning three of these exclusive tickets permits the class to have a whole class reward—Willow are well on their way to achieving this. Well done!

Many thanks to everybody who attended our ‘meet the teacher’ sessions that have taken place throughout this week. It was very pleasing to welcome parents back into the school. Everybody’s cooperation with wearing a mask was also greatly appreciated.

Have a restful weekend ahead and see you all on Monday!