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Devices and their Dangers (and what parents can do about them)

It has come to our attention some children are tired at school from playing late on their devices or becoming upset by communicating on them, so I would like to reiterate the following:


Although devices like consoles, laptops, smartphones and tablets have improved all our lives in countless ways, they pose very real dangers to children and their education.


Did you know being on your iPad for two hours before bed can result in around 20% less melatonin, ‘the sleep hormone’, being released?


Did you know the mere presence of a mobile phone can lead to a 20% reduction in attention, concentration and performance by students in tasks that are demanding and complex?


Did you know there is a strong link between screen time and the likelihood of being obese and depressive symptoms?


There are five relatively simple steps, however, parents and carers can take to eliminate these dangers while leaving children free to enjoy their devices to the full.


  1. Think twice before buying your child a smartphone – a basic mobile phone is probably all they will ever need while at primary school.

  2. Be aware many apps have age restrictions, and these should be observed. For example, TikTok has a limit of 13, WhatsApp 16.

  3. Set parental controls – this is considerably easier than you might think. Straightforward guides for specific devices, including different smartphones and gaming consoles, and most social media apps, like TikTok and WhatsApp, can be found here.

  4. Talk to your child about what they like to do online and why, and create some online rules together, including limiting screen time.

  5. Carefully monitor where your child goes and what they do online, retrieving any devices from their room before they go to bed.